Welcome to my website. I am a fully qualified driving instructor based in the Wyre Forest area.

first lesson £20
First lesson £20
£25 per lesson or buy ten 1 hour sessions for £230
£25 per lesson or buy ten 1 hour sessions for £230
Glyn and the car you'll learn to drive in

 New website going live in the next few days  

18 Apr 13 03:09 pm

 BBC News - Many casualties in Texas Waco fertiliser plant blast bbc.in/Ywl7H9  

18 Apr 13 07:32 am

 Just wish that people would get on with there lives and leave me to get on with mine!! But hey the truth will b known very soon now  

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Like any driving instructor my top priority is to teach you to drive. My pass rate is well above the national average, I make every lesson as enjoyable as possible and they are a full hour with no car sharing. Discounts are available for block blocking.

The car that I currently own is a Mk 3 Renault Clio which is fitted with air-conditioning so as to keep both myself and pupil comfortable at all times.

As well as preparing you for your theory and practical driving tests I can provide Passplus training. This is further training which must be done within one year of passing your test, which insurance companies favour.

I am also a past committee member of the “Motor Schools Association”, the MSA.

  • Independent driving instructor for over 10 years.
  • Pass rate well above the national average.
  • All lessons are taught in a structured and friendly way.
  • Road side briefing are kept to a minimum because my belief is the only way you can learn to drive is by driving not by talking about it.
  • I always remain calm at all times so as to give the pupil more confidence.

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